Where Students become Dancers and Dancers become Artists…

Where Students become Dancers and Dancers become Artists…


Faubourg Theatre celebrates Christmas and the Spirit of Love, weaving its behind the scenes mass-collaborative effort of community members, organizers, dancers, production directors, choreographers, tech professionals, and sponsors into a culminating Grand Stage performance with beautiful costumes, magnificent lights, powerful sound, for all to rejoice…

Christmas Casting OCTOBER 26th

3-10 years old

beginner though intermediate

Faubourg Ballet Theatre is dedicated to the professional training of each individual dancer according to their specific needs and aspirations in the world of professional ballet and contemporary dance. Each Christmas season, Faubourg Theatre presents “A Spirit Filled Christmas” - a signature production dedicated to the Birth of Christ. With this audition we are searching for visible and hidden emerging talents within each individual.

Audition Date

  • October 26th @ 10:00am – 11:00am

Audition Location

  • Faubourg Theatre Ballet Arts Academy

    1102 East Lake St, Hanover Par, IL 60133

Audition Instructions

  • Fill out the Registration Form above

  • Arrive 30 min. prior to Audition Time

  • Ballet Attire – leotard, ballet shoes or white socks, hair on a bun

  • Check-in at Front Desk

    Looking forward to seeing you there!